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External Black Steel Doors

Internal double doors and sliding doors in a black crittall look have been very popular. The slim black metal and lots of glazing means designers have flexibility in creating beautiful rooms with lots of natural light. Because of this reason clients choose to have their external black steel doors and windows to match their internal partitions.

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We have worked hard to create External Black Steel doors that will allow clients to enjoy the black slim steel look with out compromising on the thermal performance of the windows. Generally, steel windows and doors are known for performing worse than aluminium and timber. Our doors have been tested for their thermal efficiency. We are able to install Black Steel doors that comply with current building regulations.

This means your doors will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The natural strength of steel combined with advanced double and triple glazed units allows for a boost in the performance of steel windows and doors. To increase performance even more, a Thermally Broken steel profile can be used. In addition to boosting performance this profile still allows for the construction of large single and double door sets with multiple fixed panels. 

Large glazed openings can be formed to transform your property.


External Black Steel Doors Design Plus London

As can be seen in the above image, this results in beautiful, super slim sight lines. But with the added benefit of low U values. The lower the U value the better the insulation properties.

One of our clients in Wimbledon had a shaped extension. The original plan was to create a squared opening. After some consideration they decided to copy the shape of the extension in their external doors and the finished product looks amazing!

External Black Steel Doors UK and London

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