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Buy internal steel doors direct from our online store!

Transform your Interior with our internal slim steel and glass doors.

Choose from single doors, double doors and fixed screens. You can even combine elements to create internal partitions and screens!


We offer bespoke made windows and doors to suit all applications. From large hinged doors to super slim profile sliding and folding doors.

Using advanced thermally broken Steel and Aluminium profiles. Our doors offer warmth and comfort whilst maintaining an aesthetic and pleasing design. No more need for chunky and bulky metal frames.

The Steel and Aluminium used for our windows and doors is sourced from recyclable material. This is important as it minimises the impact of production on our environment. 

Super slim sight lines

Energy efficient

Hand made

Eco friendly

Made from 100% recycled material. Find out more. OriginalSteelDoors.co.uk

Equally steel and Aluminium have many applications. These metals also offers super slim sight lines. Whilst being thermally efficient. As a result they are great for light and large glazed screens. 

In fact, steel also allows extra large hinged doors and windows to be made. Architects often choose steel for their doors. Primarily due to the strength of the metal. But also because steel has a natural and raw texture. That is displayed beautifully when powder coated.

Our Aluminium profiles offer large framed sliding and folding doors. Reaching heights of up to 3 metres! 

Internal doors and screens

Sliding & pocket doors

Thermally insulated

Super slim sightlines