External steel framed doors | windows & screens

beautifully slim metal profiles | thermally efficient | add an elegant design feature with our hand crafted doors

external steel framed glass doors | let the light in with maximum glazing & minimal sight lines | timeless and classic metal doors and windows

Design your own unique living spaces with external steel framed doors. And create a timeless as well as charming property with our historically influenced profiles. That draws inspiration from the traditional. And urban / industrial environments. Indeed, our Original Steel door systems offers both timeless elegance. And superb longevity. The narrow steel profiles make it possible to form your own unique door sets. For a truly customised door. 


ultra slim Original Steel profiles | doors & windows with maximum glazing

Benefits of steel:

  • Ultra slim profiles and thermal break options
  • Long wearing, durable metal with a long life expectancy
  • Full range of RAL colours available
  • Special metallic finishes
  • Large opening doors & windows
  • Tailor made to meet individual project needs
Original Steel doors by DesignPlus

advanced steel profiles
& modern glazed units offering great thermal performance

slim frames and thermal break profiles available for doors and windows


Customise and design your doors

The steel profiles are designed for both private use. And also for public use buildings. Due to the natural strength. And also adaptability of steel. Our doors can be made to suit a large variety of applications.

From patio and french doors. As well as entire external glass façades. Equally, screens can include all types of opening windows & doors. Consequently steel is often chosen by architects. But also by designers and home owners. On both large and domestic projects.

Last but not least, our profiles are formed from recycled steel. And made using sustainable fabrication techniques. We are proud that our doors have minimal environmental impact. In fact they are considered “green” by the Building Research Establishment “Green Guide”.