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Cross Reeded

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Small Square

Our Patterned Glass perfectly compliments modern and traditional interiors. Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from the unique style.


We love Cross Reeded and all types of Patterned Glass, it can be functional and be used as a privacy screen and as a decorative feature that will allow light in to your project. Looks great in restaurants, hotels, offices and private homes.

Ideal for use in:
Original Steel windows and doors
Bespoke joinery
Custom made furniture
Internal partitions for offices, restaurants, hotels and private homes
Privacy screens
Exterior doors & windows

Other available patterns:
Thin Reeded
Small Squares
Drops & more 

Maximum sheet size: 2100 x 1300mm
Most pattern glass is available in 4mm.
Glass can be cut, polished, toughened and laminated – we can process the glass to suit your requirements. 

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Our Decorative & Pattern Glass selection is an ideal way for Architects and Designers to display their creativity, images and designs on to facades, windows, wall cladding and internal features. Create a high-class feel in every environment with a wide array of patterns. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. We will work seamlessly with you to create your end vision.

We are proud to supply London and the United Kingdom with the elusive and hard to find Ribbed, Squares, Cross Reeded and similar styles of glass. Come to our showroom in Central London to see a sample of the different glass types and patterns or get in contact to arrange a sample email us :