Internal steel doors and screens

Our slim, steel framed internal doors and screens offer a minimalist and timeless design. A great feature to open plan homes and offices.

Our doors and screens boast some of the slimmest sight lines in the industry

At a slender 20mm, our internal slim steel doors and screens offer a sleek and timeless design. And so dividing up large open plan spaces has never been easier. Or more pleasing. Giving you a stylish option to flood your property with maximum light.

Fabricating from steel gives frames an inherent strength. In fact, steel is up to 3 times stronger than aluminium. As a result this allows partitions and doors to be made to large sizes. Indeed, steel also offers excellent heat resistance. And so where fire resistant doors are required steel doors are a great option.


powder coated to durable RAL colour finishes | steel doors are long lasting and elegant

Internal metal screens offer an effective and elegant solution to dividing large spaces. Great for large office or commercial properties. This industrial style metal is more frequently being used in homes across the UK. Because of the clean aesthetic. Internal steel doors and screens compliment both modern and traditional interiors. 

All of our internal products are custom made to each project. Because of this you can customise the look of your doors to work seamlessly with your interior taste. 

We have a standard range of colours that give an exquisite look to doors and screens. But frames can be colour matched to almost any RAL colour. We even have metallic finishes for the wild out there. 

black is timeless but why stop there

Choose from any RAL colour

These are coated in our signature bronze finish