Original Steel Sliding Door and Partition Design Plus London 4

Black Original Steel Sliding Door

We had the great opportunity to work with Dols Wong Architects on a residential project in London NW8.

We were asked to manufacture and install a variety of black Original steel sliding doors and fixed partitions. These were designed to divide up the large open spaces within the home. The most important factor was to maintain as much natural light as possible. This is one of the many reasons that Design Plus Steel doors and in this case steel sliding doors are very good for.

Original Steel Sliding Door and Partition Design Plus London 2

Black Original Steel Sliding Door & Partition

Actually the colour used was RAL 7016, anthracite grey.

It is obvious that the guys at Dols Wong Architects put a lot of thought in to the design of the interior as the corner partition not only is a great design feature…

Original Steel sliding doors pocket doors DesignPlus

But it also allows for the natural light to flood in from the rear of the property. Giving the front study to sources of light. These small design nuances really effect the feel of a property, residential or commercial. And the great thing is that for a small price difference the end result is vastly different. Note: we actually think the addition of a glazed steel return would cost the same as a timber and plasterboard partition. Another reason to choose steel doors for your home!

Original Steel Sliding Pocket Door Design Plus London 2

As with steel doors,  our black original steel sliding door is custom made for every project we do. We select the sliding gear to suit your needs. The client has full choice over the design of the doors, handles, colour of the frames and more. We also provide a set of standard choices to make the decision process easier. As we all know, the more choice we have the harder it is to decide.

Original Steel Sliding Pocket Door NW8 Design Plus London 6

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