Custom wardrobes | cabinets
carpentry | joinery
made in London

There is nothing better than well fitted furniture.

Choose from spray painted, lacquered or hand painted finishes | Fabrics | Mirrors and Metals. You have the freedom to design the furniture you want! 

We know every client has very different tastes. This is why our choice of handles and hardware is so extensive. If you have your own handles in mind, we can fit these too!

All woodwork is handmade by experienced craftsman using the best quality materials. Our objective is to create flawless end products

No matter what the request or specification, we take pride in being able to custom manufacture bespoke furniture to suit your needs, lifestyle and tastes.

We have worked effortlessly to be able to provide the highest quality, bespoke cabinets and units to our clients. Whether it is new kitchen units | feature bathroom cabinets | or tailor made furniture we can do it. We also supply a large selection of UK discontinued decorative and pattern glazing that makes your pieces unique.

Please feel free to stop by our showroom any time to view our display and talk about the options you desire. 

Compliment your new interior with our black Original Steel Doors. 

create your own furniture