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Hand crafted W20 Steel Windows

All our W20 Steel Windows and Doors are hand made right here in Britain. Every corner is mitred and welded before being sent off to be galvanised to protect the steel from weathering and moisture damage.

Metal Steel Windows and Doors W20 Profile Design Plus London

Once galvanised each frame is sanded by hand to remove any sign of joins and to remove as many imperfections as possible. Sanding the steel after the galvanising process means that once the powder coating finish is applied the steel takes on an unbelievably smooth, almost liquid like finish. This is what makes Steel windows and doors so irresistible!

Original Steel bead detail DesignPlus

Do you like the raw, unfinished, natural imperfections of steel? We also create internal partitions and doors that are un treated. Meaning we don’t galvanise or powder coat the steel. What you are left with is a beautiful, dark bare metal frame that screams vintage. If you are looking to add a splash of vintage into your interior then this is a great way. We can protect the aged steel look by applying a clear lacquer so it mains its richness.

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We take pride in the product we supply which is why every window undergoes this painstaking process. It results in a product that is as much a robust, thermally efficient and effective way to bring light in to a property as an actual feature in a home or commercial setting.

There is a reason why Steel Windows and Doors have been fashionable since the 1920s. And now you can have the great traditional steel look windows and doors with the modern W20 profile that are complaint with modern building efficiency regulations and fire rated regulations.

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