Windows: draft proof & noise reduction

Nothing says traditional more than a London yellow brick building with timber sash windows. They look great from outside and inside, and can massively transform a property. However… we have all encountered sash windows which are impossible to operate. They get stuck as you pull them up because all the seals and sash cords have been painted 100x times. Or, because of lack of general maintenance the wooden sashes have warped over time and now they don’t run smoothly.

New sash window

It seems as if it is a constant battle with sash windows.

Well, we want to have traditional sash windows but we don’t want any of the fuss of badly operating sashes. The windows should slide up and down smoothly. The locks should seal the windows shut and exclude drafts and reduce noise. The sashes should also be robust enough and weatherproof to require minimal maintenance.

Sash windows Design Plus London Kensington Fulham Chelsea Putney Richmond

We have designed our windows out of hardwood timber to increase durability. Each window is painted with 4 coats of microporous paint that seals the wood and protects it from the elements. The moving sashes incorporate rubber seals that not only exclude drafts, they allow for easy operation of the sliding sashes. Each sash has been upgraded with 2 weatherproof seals around the entire perimeter to ensure that when the window is closed and locked the window will be draft proof. This naturally blocks out a lot of ambient noise which is a typical trait of standard sash windows. If you are looking for further noise reduction, our windows can also be made with Acoustic Double glazed units.

Sash window samples Kensington Fulham Chelsea Battersea Putney Design Plus London

We have designed the windows to give our customers the peace of mind that they know they are buying a product once, and only once.

For an alternative to timber windows, have a look at our Original Steel Windows and Doors that will give your project a splash of luxury and tradition.