W20 profile Steel windows and Doors Metal Crittall Style Design Plus London

W20, W40 and W50 TB Profile: Steel Windows and Doors

Inspired by the original steel windows that were first produced in the 1920’s, the steel W20 profiles have incorporated the characteristics of the traditional turn of the century steel window, whilst improving upon the:

  • strength and safety
  • anti-weathering and longevity
  • thermal insulation
  • & sound reduction

Due to its slender and simple design, both the W20 and W40 (and the W50 Thermal Break) feature heavily in both heritage and contemporary architectural projects. The configuration of windows and doors and fixed lights allows for an almost endless expansion of glass. Resulting in more light in to your project and a greater sense of space.

W20 Profile Design Plus London W40 profile Design Plus London W50 TB profile Design Plus London

Applications for the Steel profile:

  • hinged casements
  • top, bottom hung windows
  • centre pivot windows
  • pivot door
  • side hung doors
  • sliding doors
  • fixed lights
  • privacy screens
  • internal partitions
  • shower screens
  • Decorative glazing screens

HERE you can find out more information about the W20 profile and the colour and finish options available.

The 2 profiles can accommodate single and double glazed (and even triple glazed) units depending on its intended application. And the inherent strength of the steel profile means that with the appropriate glazing, bead and seals, the windows and doors are FD30 rated for use in communal areas and around open living spaces.

W20 profile Steel windows and Doors Metal Design Plus London

Boasting elegant and compact sightlines, the W20, W40 and W50 TB profiles provide safety and comfort due to its excellent thermal and acoustic qualities. Add a splash of luxury to your projects with our Original Steel Windows and Doors.

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Original Steel 2 Doors and Windows Design Plus 011

Steel Window and Door Richmond 3

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