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Hi Guys,

We wanted to let you know about our product specific website for our Original Steel windows and doors steelwindowanddoor.co.uk

As a result of the huge variety and options available with steel windows, we wanted to break down the choices for you to create your ideal windows and doors. From the technical specifications, discussing thermal efficiency and opening sizes to the colour and finishes choices, we wanted to give you the most information possible.

Original Steel Door Screen with Reeded glass Design Plus 01

Original Steel Doors Thermal Break 58

We break down the different configurations of steel windows and doors. This includes:

  • opening variations for doors and windows
  • fixed lights
  • maximum sizes
  • thermally broken options
  • glazing options (double glazing, fire rated glazing, patterned glass and more)
  • door and window colour options and finishes
  • handles and hardware options.

We think the that this product can transform any interior and we would like to show you the benefits. Have a look at